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I think anyone who has an interest in Musk, regardless of what side of the fence they are on, should read this article. This is not a hit piece and you raise some important points. I think the most important one which underlies all this is the ultra low interest rate environment we have had for many years. The whole financial system is awash in cheap and easy money and we are consequently still experiencing one of the biggest bull markets of all time. I dread to think of all the ramifications when this will finally unfold...

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A lot information and data. I've written a similar article about him focusing more on the cult like structure around him. https://medium.datadriveninvestor.com/elon-musk-the-son-of-god-eeaaf7b79762

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Elon Musk has been holding me hostage via Neuralink for 3+ years.


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"But the real tipping point is when the cheap money status quo of zero interest rates, colossal money printing, and bailout capitalism finally ends..."

There's no reason to think it will ever end.

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This article claims that Tesla..."had exploited children in overseas lithium mines" and the text has a hyperlink to reference that claim. But the reference the author uses links to a story about Cobalt mining in the Congo...To be clear, Tesla is NOT exploiting children in overseas lithium mines, the bulk of their Lithium at present comes from Australia.

My thing is this, we have to be intellectually honest and speak in good faith on both sides. You cant just flippantly chalk it up to "Church Of Elon" as to why that anonymous video did not move the needle as much as you thought...The video made a series of erroneous claims and logical fallacies one of which was parroted in this article. You simply have to contend with that instead of just conveniently dismissing it as "Church of Elon"

Some very good criticism here specifically about a potential abuse of power by Elon Musk. But the fundamental issue that authors like this one make is that they are arguing that Elon Musk is a fraud and a charlatan....The reality is that any notion that Elon Musk is about to collapse is wishful thinking, Elon Musk is obviously an incredibly competent person resourced by some of the worlds best engineers. Whether Elon Musk is not a genius is completely trivial semantics lol, give Elon Musk an IQ test and what exactly do you think happens?

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A remarkably prescient post as we now (in Nov 2022) speculate about the number of months to Twitter bankruptcy.

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Musks empire has not grown through innovation, really? He did things that no else did before, things that supranational entities couldn't achieve with SpaceX. Neither Airbus nor Boeing can make rockets land, yet SpaceX does. Tesla made the first high volume "real" electric cars despite failed attempts from GM and every other US companies so far... Of course, he made many mistakes but saying his companies aren't innovative is just cringey.

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Read your article, intentionally as charitable as possible, I will leave you with this:

Go make products. Real value for the society you care about. Language only goes so far.

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Here's my main gripe with Musk: His factory never cranked out, as far as I know, a car that I could afford to buy.

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man this is cringe. like what the fuck have you done other than be a parasite online?

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Wow, your hatred has either blinded or corrupted your ability to think. Thank you for showing me how mindless evil can be.

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What a pathetic life you must lead to revel so much in the failure of others. Please tell us, beyond a few spreadsheets and a blog, what has your contribution to humanity been? Sure Musk may have overpromised on a few things, made exaggerated claims. He's also delivered beautiful products and carried of feats of engineering no one else could.

You are a pathetic, holier than thou and miserable c*nt who gets joy from tearing others down. Go look in the mirror you miserable sod.

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I'm curious. Is it even possible to fully electrify the USA fleet? Does the planet even have enough materials? And will other countries allow USA to gobble up all of the cobalt, lithium and other stuff to do so? There's so many bottlenecks to EVs being "a real solution" that in the coming years, Tesla will not even be able to keep it's promise of just "making EVs" it seems.

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Is it really abusing whistleblower framework when dodgy people take advantage of it? Realy the security guy uncover the Texas fentanyl ring? Swap musk name with any 500 corp Csuit and you got the leftist generic commie shit. Want to be useful ? Attack the corporate person law that allow psychopathic destruction of society. OR even better how corps patents Life itself Or the euro trash zone exporting Hate to america in the name of combating hate.

Plz dont't bother with the follow up: We all know Mars is a bust.

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We The People love capitalists. These "Men of Ideas" creating millions of jobs that never existed, putting food on a million tables. We laugh as they endure criticism from those jealous of the capitalists' self-control, (and market-control) as they themselves are unable to proffer an original thought. We realize that we need them more than they need us. There are few jobs without them and they will always find someone to labor for a buck. Whew... "You go, preacher-man"!

This article however, did gnaw at a couple of thoughts about Elon that I had tried to dismiss;

1) Truly successful people never boast or degrade others. This is a sign of deep insecurity and truly insecure people do eventually implode.

2) While marketed successfully, none of Elon's products or ideas are critically essential.

Even Toyota knows an all-EV future is short-sighted.

PayPal was nice, but really only benefitted eBay. Zelle is a better option.

Colonizing space keeps the human dream alive, supporting our species' child-like wonderment. But we have too many challenges now on this planet, where diverting capital to imagining some alternative "escape hatch" is potentially destructive.

Twitter has has no real human value, which is why it is being dismantled.

And high-speed underground transport is just a fascinating way for the wealthy to brag about an expensive weekend dinner jaunt, 2000 miles from home.

Again, a devout capitalist here. Even with all of its issues and corruption, no other system has or ever will be capable of improving the human condition or potential. But being dependent upon those "People of Ideas" has also proven to be a risky proposition when our champions begin to promote themselves... over their ideas.

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I year later and it seems that elon is intentionally tanking Tesla by taking over Twitter, alienating the vast majority of his (easily manipulated) client base. The fraud reveal cometh swiftly. The twitter purchase serves multiple purposes but a main one will be to help him quiet $TSLAQ

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