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Monday Brief


Monday Brief: 21st December 2020*


Monday Brief


#30: We Deserve a Santa Rally in 2020

#29: Riding the Reflation Wave

#28: Is It Time To Put Gold On the Reserve Bench?

How to Avoid a Hindsight-Filled Future

Why the Future Belongs to the Pessimists

#27: Navigating Vaccine Euphoria

#26: The World Can Change In An Instant

#25: Election Week Confirms Stagflation Ahead

#24: Pre-Election Market Review

#23: Are We About to Witness the Most Volatile Election In the Modern Era?

The First Stock Market Bubble On Record Shows Us How This One Will Burst

#22: A Housing Market Overview

#21: What Is a Realistic Annual Return?

The Attack of the Fake Entrepreneurs

The U.S. Dollar Explains Why America Has Yet to Collapse

#19: Brace For a Volatile Election

#18: Bitcoin = Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain

We’re About to Witness An Intellectual Boom

#17: Stimulus Week

Will the Next War Be a Space War?

#16: It's a Crazy Financial World Out There

This Is What Happens to People Who Fight For Healthy Markets

#15: Real Yields Drive Markets

#14: Markets Are Pricing In a Stormy End to 2020

#13: Aqua

We’re Witnessing the Collapse of Fake Online Gurus

#11: Charybdis

#10: Scylla

#9: Roma

#8: Creed

Blast From the Past: Watch Out For Wall Street’s Latest Pump & Dump Scheme

The Economy Keeps Collapsing, Here’s How We Can Fix It

#7: Poseidon

#6: Aurora

How I Generate Trade Ideas

#5: Broken

#4: Armageddon

#3: Risque

#2: Ares

Why The Next Market Crash Will Be The Sharpest On Record

#1: Pilot

If You Want to Get Things Done, Think Like a Poker Player

Why the Financial System Broke Down and Has Never Recovered

Fixing the U.S Economy Requires the Ultimate Political Sacrifice

The Concept of a U.S Dollar Collapse Goes Mainstream

How to Identify Major Market Moves

Why Following Narratives Will Lose You Money Over Time

Why the Stock Market Just Keeps Going Up

To Eliminate Common Investing Mistakes, Ask Yourself These Questions

The Federal Reserve Will Buy Stocks

Q&A: Got a Question About Writing On Medium?

If You Want to Be a Successful Investor, You Need a Repeatable Framework

A Dummies Guide on How to Build & Risk Manage a Position

The Easiest Way to Profit In Our Crony Capitalist System

We’re About to Experience the Fake Innovation Era

The Top 50 “Assets” the Fed Could Acquire to Support the Expansion

We’re About to Witness a Fraud Apocalypse In Markets

Beware of Corporations That Offer You a Service For “Free”

When the U.S Dollar Collapses, the Elites Will Try to Steal Your Money

Why Your Real Job Is Shopping

The Free Market Is Over

This Is How Gold Will Reach $100,000

Only a Corrupt System Would Allow This Level of Fraud to Continue

This Is What Happens to Markets When You Print Trillions of Dollars

Predicting the Global Economy Is Easier Than You Think

To Supplement My Sports Betting Addiction, I’ve Become a Professional Day Trader

This Is the Most Hated Stock Market Rally Of All Time

How a Veteran Trader Accidentally Created the Ideal Investment Strategy

How Trump’s Twitter Became the Ultimate Stock Market Indicator

How to Destroy Your Company In 15 Seconds Or Less

Twitter Is the Most Underrated Investment Tool

The Stock Market Is Now a Casino

The Stock Market Is Now a Casino

A Day In the Life Of a Trader

Why the Entire World Is Heading For Negative Interest Rates

Stop Saying Money Isn’t Everything

How to Make Money During a Global Pandemic

How to Make Money During a Global Pandemic

What Hollywood Gets Wrong About the Stock Market

18 Books That Will Change the Way You Think About Investing

Data Reveals a Harsh Economic Reality After Lockdown Ends

Data Reveals a Harsh Economic Reality After Lockdown Ends

Live Stream AMA

Blast From the Past: We Will Ignore the Coronavirus and Pay the Ultimate Price

These Indicators Predicted the 2020 Stock Market Crash

Is the Coronavirus Really Behind the Stock Market Crash?

Why the Longest Economic Expansion In History Will Continue

Why the World’s Craziest Investment Is Also in Popular Demand

The Top 50 “Assets” the Fed Could Acquire to Support the Expansion

Predicting the Auto Market Is Easier Than You Think

The Real Reason Why You Love Shopping

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How to Commit Modern Economic Blasphemy

Why a Crazy $6,000 Price Target on Tesla Also Makes Perfect Sense

The 2020 Stock Market Dilemma

Why Global Stock Markets Rise Despite an Economic Collapse

2020 Will Be the Year of the Bubble