Sitemap - 2022 - Concoda

The "Satan Rally" Might Not Be Over Yet

The Twixmas Lull

Money Market Update

Macro Brief

The Federal Reserve's Gambit

Santa Rally Hopes Fade

Money Market Update

Disinflation Secured? Not Quite...

Markets Continue to Price In Disinflation

Money Market Update

Another Disinflationary Day

The Treasury Market Black Swan

Monetary Plumbing Monday

Money Market Update

Growth Remains "Robust"

The Road to Disinflation?

Money Market Update

Do We Even Dare Go Long Bonds?

An Important Week For Crypto

Money Market Update

The Sea of Red Extends Beyond Crypto

Macro Brief

FTX's Collapse Is Just the Start

Money Market Update

The Crypto Crash Continues

Chop Central

Chaos In Britain? No, Look to the Eurozone

Money Market Update

It's "Fed Day"

The Shortest Bear Market Rally So Far?

The West Doesn't Need CBDCs

Money Market Update

Defensives Get “Bulled Up”

Michael Burry Goes Long Concoda

The Great Sovereign Debt Intervention Is Here

Money Market Update

Watch the Bond Market

Macro Brief

Money Market Update

Cash Is King

The U.S Dollar Endgame Could Take Centuries to Play Out

The Dollar Wrecking Ball Swings Again

Money Market Update

Fed Pivot Watcher

The Bear Market Hits New Lows

The European Paradox

Money Market Update

Yields Spike As Commodities Wane

It's Risk Off! (But Bonds Aren't In Kansas Anymore)

Money Market Update

Many Elevations

The Federal Reserve Endgame Is Not a Collapse, It's Global Domination

Stonkmageddon Continues

The Pain Isn't Over Yet

Inflation Indices To The Moon

The DXY Wrecking Ball Takes a Breather

Feeling Hawkish?

The Great Winter Gas Panic

Post-Labor Day Blues

Close, But No Cigar

The Equity Rout Continues

Price Changes Everything

The U.S Remains Short Growth, Long Liquidity

The Disinflation Narrative Reappears

1 Euro = 1 Euro

A Textbook Risk-Off Friday

The Dollar Wrecking Ball Awakens

Not a Convincing Rally

Decisions, Decisions

Don't Count On a Fed Pivot Just Yet

Inflation Dumps, Risk Assets Pump

Mixed Signals

Big Jobs Numbers!

The Tether Ultimatum

With Taiwan Fears Over, It's Back to Pivot Optimism

Pivot Optimism Continues

Crypto faces its biggest threat so far

The Biggest Bear Market Rally Yet

Awful Tech Earnings

Time to Pull the Trigger On Bonds?

The ESG Calamity

Globally Synchronized Degrowth

Nothing Has Changed

Green Day

The Commodity Rout Continues

CPI Climbs to 9.1%, a 40 Year High

Got USD?

Black Gold Finally Turns Bearish

The DXY Wrecking Ball Keeps Swinging

Disflationary Forces Set In

Stonkmageddon Unabates

More Peaky Signals

Not Another "Inflation Peak" Headfake, Surely

Cash Is King!

The Crypto Crash Has Only Just Begun

Watch Out For the Dollar Wrecking Ball

Let the Balance Sheet Reduction Begin

Cryptogeddon Recommences

Yet Another Dead Cat Bounce?

Is It Time to Ban Elites From Trading?

It's Crunch Time For the Bear Market Rally

The Stock Market Squeeze Prevails

The Bear Market Rally Rages On

Inflation Peak When?

U.S. Markets Closed For Memorial Day

Crypto Philanthrophy Is An Oxymoron

Conflicting Signals

More "Inflationary Peak" Signals Appear

Stonkmageddon Prevails

Is This... Peak Inflation?

No Dead Cat Bounce?

The Stonk Selloff Continues

The Real Pain In Crypto Is Yet to Come

U.S. Stocks Plunge Toward Bear Market Territory

Market Doom Persists

The Dollar Wrecking Ball Takes Another Swing

The Stonk Armageddon Continues

US PMIs and Jobs Growth Weaken

The Stonk Rout Continues

Is Crypto a Giant Ponzi Scheme?

The Dollar Wrecking Ball Continues

The Stock Market Rout Continues

It's a Deflationary Monday

Global PMIs Continue to Slow

U.S. Assets Remain Relatively Superior

Gold Maintains Its Safe Haven Status Over Crypto

Tesla Is Becoming a Major Source of Stock Market Pessimism

Risk Assets Fail to Sustain a Prolonged Rally

"Deflationists Hate Him"

Thiel's Latest Speech Exposes Elite Hypocrisy Around Crypto

Are Markets Pricing In Peak Inflation?

Stock Markets Correct Slightly While U.S. Data Deteriorates

Crypto’s Trojan Horse Arrives At the Gates

Is the Bond Bull Market Over?

The Stonk Market Remains In Hang Time

Crypto: The Giant Ponzi Scam

The NFT Bubble Is Unraveling

It's a "Fools" Market Out There Today

Crypto Stands Strong

Crypto Attempts a Proper Rally

Risk Assets Reach Peak Hang Time

Crunch Time For the Bear Market Rally

The Normalization of Ponzinomics

The 2022 "Relief Rally" Continues

Risk Remains Elevated, Despite the Latest Pump

The Authorities Are Slowly Moving In On Crypto's Shadowy Underbelly

Is the Commodities Boom Over Already?

Risk Off Continues

Tangible Assets Take a Beating

The Crypto Industrial Complex

Crypto Pumps While Commodities Dump

It's a Safe Haven Bonanza

Supply Shocks Aplenty

Crypto Is Fast Becoming a Dystopia

Commodities Skyrocket, While Bond Yields... Plummet

It's Like Late 2014 All Over Again, Minus $100 Oil

The Crypto Revolution Was Over Before It Started

Bitcoin Fails Again at Finding a Use Case

Russia Attacks Ukraine

Markets Tumble As Putin Makes His Move

Crunch Time for "Cathie Wood" Stocks

The PPT Takes a Break

Ponzi "Whataboutisms" Galore

The Frothiest Market Mania of All Time Is Coming To An End

Stock Markets Dead Cat Bounce

Slowing U.S Growth Continues

We're Stuck In An Endless Elitist Loop

EM: The New Flight to Safety?

A Journey Into the Crypto Hellscape

It's Going to Take More Than Amazon's Post-Market Monster Rally to Save This Market

Stock Markets Attempt a Comeback

Growth Has Peaked. Now It's About Peak Inflation.

How Do You Take Down a Global Ponzi?

Risk-Off Signals On Tap

It's Now Or Never

The 2022 Monetary Conundrum

Markets Enter Risk Off Mode

While EM Rallies, U.S. Stocks Teeter On the Brink of Full-On Bearishness

Markets Continue to Signal Broad "Risk Off" Sentiment, Minus... Oil?!

The Next "Great Rotation": U.S. to EM?

Welcome to the Shortage Apocalypse

The "Great Rotation" Continues

The “Rates Shock” Continues

This Is Not a New Economic Paradigm

Markets Are All Over the Place

Bitcoin Is Not Worth the Energy

PMIs Reveal Peak U.S. Growth/Inflation