Embracing the fake economy pays, clearly.
Commodities, uranium in particular, go nuclear. Copper turns bullish, signaling Chinese stability--for now. Cocoa reaches buy levels.
Hello peak late-stage capitalism
While the commodity squeeze continues, with Uranium and Coffee front and center
You don't often see regional banks, Bitcoin, and oil rally together into a downturn
And its probably reflationary
I'll be buying the morning dip here
Evergrande is just a red herring
Markets still disagree with the Evergrande doom narrative
A rebound in regional banks, energy, and transportation stocks, plus crashing bonds and PMs, refutes rising fear of a year-end slowdown
As cyclical stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities (minus the dollar) begin to signal a year-end boom
Rising prices and shortages could create a potential end-of-year bull-run as investors reach for yield