Sitemap - 2021 - Concoda

"Buy Quality, Get Defensive, and Sell Junk," Say Models and Markets

Santa Rally Confirmed. Now What?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We're Not Done Yet

The Coming Collapse of Elon Musk

The Flight to Quality (U.S.A) Continues

It's Crunch Time For the Santa Rally

The Flight to Safety (Quality) Is On

Stock Markets Defy Virus Fears

The NFT Bubble Will Burst

Positive Vaccine News Boosts Growth Story

Welcome to Peak Uncertainty

More Growth, Less Inflation, Please

A Potential Peak In Inflation?

Is This Ever Going to End?

Virus Fears Plunge Global Risk Assets

“Risk-On” Assets Defy a Rising Dollar

Is The Fun Over?

Crypto Goes on Sale

The Attack of the Hyperinflation Grifters

Stocks Continue Their Climb

Adventures In Tetherland

Onwards and Upwards For Risk Assets

Cryptocurrencies Are About to Infiltrate the Legacy Monetary System

Fraud Creates Alpha

Markets Go Parabolic

Prepare For a Market Mania to End 2021

Robinhood's Phony "Democratization of Finance" Exposes Another Dark Truth About the Cheap Money Era

Year-End Boom or Year-End Bust?

The Dark Side of Tesla's $1 Trillion Dollar Milestone

A Nightmare On Bond Street

Jack Dorsey Drinks the Hyperinflationary Kool-Aid

I See All-Time Highs, I Take Profits

More Reasons to Be Bullish

During Reflation, Riding Bubbles Is the Ultimate Alpha Generator

Bullish Signals Aplenty

Climb the Wall of Worry

Latest Economic Data Solidifies the End-Of-Year Boom Thesis

A $1 Trillion Coin Won’t Fix America’s Problems

Tech Stocks Enter "Cheap" Territory

Minus the U.S. Dollar and E.M Bonds, All Asset Classes Are Signaling An End-of-Year Boom

Winter Is Coming

Global PMIs Strengthen Reflation Bias

We're About to Witness the Biggest Round of Bailout Capitalism

Is a Winter Reflation On the Cards?

Santa Rally Inbound?

Deflation Risk Starts to Fade

Inflation's Running Hot

The Coming Collapse of the Crypto Grifters

Macro Brief

The "Evergrande Crash" Subsides

Evergrande's Doom Narrative Trumps Bullish U.S Indicators

Markets "Correct"

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment For Rogue States?

Everyone's Talking About Inflation

We’re About to Witness the Rise of a Digital Surveillance Dollar

With Growth Rates Set to Decline, Inflation Is the Only Thing Keeping This Market Afloat

The Cynical Reality Behind El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption

Shortages Strengthen the Stagflation Story (Alliteration Intended)

The Stock Market "Takes a Break"

Markets Closed For Labor Day

The Crypto Elites Are Plotting a Wall Street Merger

ISM Confirms Further Stagflation

Markets Are Shouting Stagflation

The Stock Meltup Continues

Stock Markets Remain Defiant

All-Time Highs For Equities

We Can't Ignore Bitcoin's Shady Underworld Any Longer

Precious Metals Continue Their Dive, Despite Stagflation

Macro Brief

Macro Brief

In Recovery

Defensive Stocks Rally Sharply, Predicting Uncertainty Ahead

Bitcoin's Propaganda Machine Exposes Itself

The 2021 Tech Boom Continues

Models Updated For Stagflation

The Tech/Semi Meltup Continues

The Deflation/Stagflation Battle Continues

Climbing the Wall of Worry

Stagflationary Pressures Build

The U.S Disconnect Continues

The Decentralized Media Revolution

It's a Bearish Market Monday, Minus Bitcoin

Models Updated for Q3

Tech & Commodities Barely Sell Off, While Oil Volatility Spikes and Credit Spreads Widen

Risk-Off Momentum Grows

Elon Musk Enters Yet Another Kangaroo Court

Reflationary Data Boosts the Stock Market Meltup

[Q&A] The Crypto Movement Is Destroying Itself

Crypto Market Volatility Dries Up

Stocks Won't Give Up Their Gains

The Crypto Movement Is Destroying Itself

The Mixed Market Narrative Continues

The Tech & Bond Meltup Continues

Independence Day Holiday

US/European PMIs Come In Hot

[Q&A] Tether Discussion

Mixed Signals Continue

The Coming Crypto Market Crisis

Tether Review Out Soon


Mixed Signals

The Crypto Dive Continues

Markets Rebound, But Deflation Risk Remains

The U.S. Dollar, Multiple Commodities, and Material Stocks Reverse Trend, Signalling (Possible) Reflation Peak

Commodities & Euros Now On Sale

Crypto Markets Consolidate

Behind the Scenes, the Elites Are Creating the Ultimate Bailout Machine

Bond Surge Signals Deflation Risk

Treasury ETFs, Crypto, and Cocoa Are Signalling a Potential Path Toward Deflation

Crypto Reaches Critical Levels

Markets "Correct"

Euro & US PMIs Boost Reflation Trades

Bank Holiday

Climbing the Wall of Worry

Crypto Fights Back

Broader Markets Ignore the Crypto Apocalypse

The Elite’s New Currency Is Set to Become the Next Global Reserve

Crypto Recovers

Macro Brief

The Stock Market Is One Black Swan Away From a Great Reset

Bitcoin Turns Bearish

Bitcoin Avoids the GTFO Zone

Tech Remains On Sale

The World Is a Lot Less F*cked Than We Think It Is

Peak Bullish = Not Bearish Enough

Macro Brief

Macro Brief

Climbing the Crypto Wall of Worry

The Climb Continues

Cryptocurrencies Are About To Tear Our Society Apart

Macro Brief

Hard Assets Exist, Remember?

Reflation Continues with Bitcoin, Energy Stocks & Cattle at Discount Prices

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Monday Crypto

Macro Brief

Why a U.S. Dollar Collapse Is Decades Away From Playing Out

The Coming Repo Market “Crisis”

Macro Brief

Taking a Short Break Until I Recover

How Complexity Obscured the World

Embrace Uncertainty. Ditch Simplicity.

Buying the Bitcoin Dump Discussion Thread

Are You Black Swan Prepared?

Why the Next Collapse Is the Cure, Not a Crisis

A Primer On Fed Signals


How These Famous Figures Speculated In the Stock Market

Monday Brief










Why HODLing Bitcoin Is a Bad Idea

MONDAY BRIEF [04/01/2021]